Inadequate security and lighting, premises liability issues

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Property owners in Hawaii and elsewhere are reasonably responsibly for ensuring the safety of visitors to their properties. If an accident occurs, a crime is committed, or other incident takes place that causes injury to someone, it may mean that the owner of the property can be held accountable in court. The injured victim would be able to pursue a monetary recovery of losses against the party or parties deemed responsible for the injury. Inadequate security or lighting often leads to dangerous situations.

An incident in another state involved a man who attended an auction. He alleges that he was injured on the property where the auction was being hosted in August 2014. The man claims that his injuries occurred when the auctioneer and property owner caused the power to go out at the location.

At that time, the man was walking to a barn on the property. During the power outage, he allegedly stepped on the upturned prongs of a rake that had been left lying on the lawn. He suffered a foot injury that required several surgeries to heal, and ultimately underwent amputation of one of his toes.

The man claims that if there had been proper lighting, or the hosts of the auction had acted responsibly toward public safety by informing him there was an upturned rake lying in the grass, then he might not have been injured. Such issues often require skilled guidance to obtain successful results. An experienced personal injury lawyer would typically be able to offer assistance to anyone in Hawaii facing similar circumstances where inadequate security or lighting has led to injury.

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