Victims can seek recovery costs after dog bites in Hawaii

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Many people in Hawaii and elsewhere own pets, some considering the animals members of their own families. While owning and caring for pets can be a rewarding experience, things can go wrong when people suffer dog bites or attacks from other animals that belong to neighbors, friends or strangers. A recent article discussed a problem regarding an increase of dog bites during summer months.

An animal welfare agency spokesman stated that there has been an increase of dog attacks during the summer, with the number of reported attacks double that from colder months. In a recent article on the topic, it was suggested that the best way to steer clear of being bitten is to learn what dogs might be trying to communicate through body language. It was also noted that dogs who are hungry or thirsty on hot days might be prone to more aggressive behaviors.

Adults were advised to keep a close watch on children and dogs, even dogs who are properly restrained on private property. It was noted that during the hot months of summer, especially, dogs tend to react if someone tries to take something out of their mouths or approach them too closely. Depending upon the severity of a dog bite, a victim might need to seek immediate medical attention. It is also advisable to report the incident to the local animal welfare agency.

Under certain circumstances, those in Hawaii who suffer from dog bites may seek liability against dog owners pursuant to Section 663-9 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. A legal professional who has experience in personal injury and premises liability cases would be able to offer an assessment of an individual case and apply his or her understanding of the law so as to determine what options might be available to someone who is considering filing a claim. Dog bites often necessitate medical treatment, and depending upon the severity of an attack, a victim might lose wages or undergo long-term physical therapy in recovery. Compensation awarded in a successfully litigated case could help cover some of those costs.

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