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Did you sustain serious injuries while vacationing in Hawaii?

For most people, Hawaii is a magical place, a vacation that they aspire to take some day. They imagine a beautiful, tropical paradise, full of wonder and awe-inspiring seascapes. While this is true in part, Hawaii can also be a dangerous place to visit for some. Hotels and resorts can experience maintenance issues, such as loose balcony railings or wet floors. Tours can turn ugly if there's a motor vehicle accident. There's even the risk of broken bones, paralysis or death on beaches with large waves. While good decision making can reduce these risks, the potential for serious injuries remains.

It could have been a maintenance issue with your hotel, a mistake by a tour guide or even a slippery floor after a sudden rain storm. The hotel, store, restaurant or tour company likely could have prevented your accident with better upkeep and a more proactive approach to premises liability.

Injured in Hawaii? You’ll probably settle out of court

When people suffer injuries, they have a number of options for pursuing fair compensation and the medical costs that pile up during treatment and recovery. Many people imagine the process as something very official playing out in a large courtroom, possibly because of the mountain of television shows, movies and books about lawyers winning decisive victories for their clients in court.

However, in Hawaii, the vast majority of personal injury cases resolve outside of the court. Often, settling a personal injury case outside of court is the best way, but ensuring an equitable resolution for the injured party requires an attorney with years of experience pursuing fair compensation in Hawaii's legal system.

Car accident injuries are not always obvious at first

Even out here in beautiful Hawaii, car accidents happen all the time. For many tourists, a car accident is a jarring interruption to their time away from home, but they move on with their vacation and assume that no major injuries occurred.

However, many types of injuries occur in car accidents that may not cause the victim to feel pain immediately — in fact, some injuries don't cause pain for days or even weeks after the accident.

Was my baby's shoulder dystocia preventable

You spent nine months waiting for your baby to be born. Come delivery day, it didn't go as you expected. During birth, your baby struggled to come out and one of her shoulders got stuck.

The obstetrician and delivery room team scrambled to give your baby the extra assistance she needed to be born, but during the process, she got seriously hurt and suffered a shoulder dystocia birth injury as a result.

Hawaii car accidents: Young girl dies after being hit by SUV

Parking lots often contain a mixture of vehicles and pedestrians -- especially when the lot is located outside an apartment complex, which may involve young children playing nearby. Many drivers pay close attention when driving through similar areas, hoping to avoid pedestrian-related car accidents. Unfortunately, a 3-year-old girl has died after she was recently hit by a sports utility vehicle in a Hawaii parking lot.

Hawaii car accidents: Retired firefighter killed on Oahu

Many individuals find it difficult to respond to a vehicle that crosses into oncoming traffic. Similar car accidents are often severe and have the potential to cause serious injury to anyone involved, or worse. A recent collision in Hawaii left two people hospitalized and killed another after a van crossed into oncoming traffic.

Woman dies after medical facility's failure to diagnose infection

Patients expect a certain level of care when admitted to a medical facility. With many of the workers in these establishments undergoing extensive training, people in Hawaii expect the utmost diligence regarding the treatment they receive. Anytime there is failure to diagnose a medical condition, the health of the patient may be at risk. A man is accusing a facility of medical malpractice in a similar situation that resulted in the death of his wife.

Defective products: Removable IVC filter embedded within woman

Many individuals who have suffered serious injuries have had medical devices implanted as a result. These devices are often in place to prevent further injury. People in Hawaii expect these to be safe and properly manufactured. Clearly, any defective products can put a person's health at risk. A woman in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a company, accusing it of manufacturing defective medical devices.

Hawaii car accidents: Tow truck operator critically injured

Tow truck drivers often face many dangers while out in the field. With many cars being stranded on congested roadsides, they are often forced to operate in close proximity to traffic. Sadly, quite a few car accidents involve roadside workers who are seriously injured, or worse. A 25-year-old man has suffered critical injuries after a recent accident in Hawaii under similar circumstances.

5 things to know about birth injuries

Women who are pregnant worry a lot about what will happen when they go into the hospital to give birth. This concern isn't without a good basis. Birth injuries occur in births around the country. These can range from minor injuries that heal without intervention in a few days to very serious injuries that can lead to death. All women who are pregnant should learn a bit about birth injuries before heading to the hospital.