Truck Accidents

Hawaii Truck Accident Lawyers

While truck accidents share many similarities with automobile accidents, there are also major differences. Trucks are often in operation as part of a commercial venture, meaning that insurance issues may be more complicated. Trucks that collide with each other or with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians typically cause serious injury because of their size, weight, and momentum.

Furthermore, there are many rules and regulations that pertain only to trucks — such as how heavy the loads can be, how often they must be inspected, how many hours truckers can drive each day, and commercial driver training and licensing.

Handling Truck Wreck Cases both in Hawaii and off the Islands

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Catastrophic Injuries Resulting from Truck Accidents

Serious injuries result in extraordinary expenses, including medical treatment and care, therapy and rehabilitation, and special equipment such as wheel chairs, wheel chair ramps, and wheel chair accessible conversion vans (which require replacement every 7-10 years).

Pain and Suffering when Quality of Life is forever altered

Other costs of catastrophic injuries after semi trailer wrecks and other trucking accidents include lost wages and life care costs (such as home cleaning services, personal care assistance, psychological therapy, and social workers' fees). In addition to these costs, we aggressively pursue compensation for pain and suffering that our clients endure. Learn how we can help protect your legal rights and protect your interests after you have been injured or lost a family member because of an 18- wheeler or big rig tire blowout crash.

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