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Hawaii is a world-famous destination for vacationers and sporting enthusiasts alike who pursue ideal conditions for a variety of outdoor activities: boating, swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, dirt biking, motocross competitions, triathlon races, trail riding, hiking, and other activities.

What begins as a fun-filled vacation can turn to tragedy after a recreational accident. This often happens as a direct result of negligence by property owners, recreational activity providers, tour agencies, and tour group leaders.

The personal injury lawyers of Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks have represented many visitors to Hawaii as well as Hawaii residents who have been injured in recreational accidents. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation after a scuba accident or an underwater misadventure resulted in catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one.

Negligence Leading to a Recreational Accident

When our lawyers investigate the causes and circumstances of recreational accidents in Hawaii and elsewhere, we often discover key indicators of negligence:

  • Improperly filled scuba tanks
  • Malfunctioning scuba tank regulators
  • Unsupervised snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions
  • Dangerous boating expeditions
  • Improperly marked hiking or dirt bike trails
  • Unsupervised swimming areas, resulting in a drowning

Many other variables come into play when we look into why and how our clients were injured — or why a family member died in a fatal recreational accident. Often, our clients are more concerned about preventing future tragedies for others than they are about their own well-deserved compensation from liable parties such as tour agencies.

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