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Ground-breaking technology could reduce surgical errors in Hawaii

A person undergoing surgery or receiving some other form of professional medical care typically assumes that safety measures and protocol will be followed in such a way so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes on the part of medical staff. A recent article gave detailed information on promising new technology that could help prevent surgical errors in Hawaii hospitals and others throughout the nation. The technology was recently tested in clinical trials and was developed by researchers from one of the nation's most prestigious hospitals.

Woman claims nurses in a rush caused her overdose

Medical malpractice remains an issue in Hawaii and throughout the nation. Professional negligence, surgical errors and misdiagnoses are among the common causes of injuries to patients, worsened medical conditions and deaths. One woman recently claimed that her trip to the emergency room was prompted by an overdose dispensed by a nurse through her intravenous line.

Doctor not disciplined for wrong-site surgical error

When an individual is subjected to a serious medical error, the patient and his or her family can have a hard time coming to terms with the damage that has been wrought. This is especially true in cases in Hawaii and elsewhere in which a wrong-site surgical error takes place, largely due to the fact that the damage that follows could have easily been avoided. In many cases, medical malpractice action follows, not only to address the serious medical repercussions that can follow a surgical error, but also to gain a result that might help prevent similar errors from occurring in the future.

Medical mistakes pose far greater risk than Ebola

With the recent media coverage surrounding the Ebola outbreak, many Americans assume that the disease is poised to sweep through the nation. In reality, however, American citizens who have not visited affected countries have virtually no risk of being exposed to the deadly disease. What does pose a risk for patients in Hawaii and elsewhere are medical errors. It is important to understand how the mistakes made by medical professionals can impact patients and their families.

Patient's family claims surgical error led to victim's death

Surgery may be an uneasy undertaking for some patients in Hawaii, but most likely believe, that in the hands of a qualified surgeon, all will go as planned. However, when a health care provider makes a surgical error, such as failing to inform a patient of proper follow-up procedures, patients can be seriously injured. The estate of a patient who died months after surgery claims that the performing surgeon failed the victim on multiple occasions, which ultimately resulted in his death.

Medical malpractice suit follows when sponge is left in body

For Hawaiian residents who are preparing for a surgical procedure, fears surrounding the surgery and the inherent risks abound. There are so many unknowns when it comes to a serious medical procedure, and so many things that can go wrong. One risk is that a patient could be subjected to a surgical error, which could lead to serious health problems. Those fears could be deepened with the news of a medical malpractice lawsuit that is currently underway.

Medical errors cited as third leading cause of death in the U.S.

People who are sick or injured rely on medical professionals to heal them and make them well. Unfortunately, even the best-trained doctors can make mistakes. Hawaii residents might be interested to know that a recent report named medical errors as the country's third leading cause of death.