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Don't fight a rip current: Try to go with the flow

Most people who get trapped in a rip current have something going for them: They probably already know how to swim. To get far enough out into the ocean to have a rip current overtake you, it's usually necessary to be a swimmer -- otherwise, you never should have gotten into the ocean in the first place.

Adult children of decedent claim negligence led to mother's death

In Hawaii and other states, elderly citizens sometimes find themselves in need of assistance from professional medical or nursing care staffs. Adult children are often responsible for the care of an elderly parent and do their best to ensure that their mother or father is receiving quality and appropriate care. There are some instances, however, when adult children claim that their parents have become victims of caretaker negligence, sometimes with tragic results.

Lack of protection might lead to nursing home injury

A university study has claimed that residential violence is on the rise in some assisted-living establishments, particularly in places where staff numbers are low and the educational level of staff is considered lacking. Those in Hawaii who are planning to move a loved one into a nursing home may want to investigate the issue further before choosing a facility because of the rise in violence. For example, one female resident suffered a nursing home injury in Feb. 2013 when another patient gained access to her room.

Dangers of medication overdose in Hawaii and elsewhere

At times, medical treatment falls below prescribed standards and results in the injury, illness or death of a patient due to the negligence or other professional error of medical staff. When someone entrusts his or care physical health to a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, there is always some risk involved. Hawaii patients will want to be aware and alert with regard to receiving medication in a hospital or nursing environment in an effort to prevent overdose. The Department of Public Health recently issued a penalty of $50,000 against a hospital in another state.