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Ground-breaking technology could reduce surgical errors in Hawaii

A person undergoing surgery or receiving some other form of professional medical care typically assumes that safety measures and protocol will be followed in such a way so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes on the part of medical staff. A recent article gave detailed information on promising new technology that could help prevent surgical errors in Hawaii hospitals and others throughout the nation. The technology was recently tested in clinical trials and was developed by researchers from one of the nation's most prestigious hospitals.

Fatal medical error alleged to have caused veteran's death

In Hawaii and all other states, it is considered medical malpractice when a hospital patient suffers injury, illness or death due to negligence, mistakes or other wrongful actions on the part of medical staff. A fatal medical error is alleged to have caused the recent death of a military veteran. The decedent's family has pursued legal action against the hospital where the death of their loved one occurred.

Hawaii residents should be alert for signs of doctor error

A patient undergoing surgery must place a certain amount of trust in the medical staff which will conduct the operation and provide for his or her care. Hawaii residents and others usually assume that safety precautions and careful measures will be taken in order to prevent doctor error and/or surgical mistakes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as was made evident in a recent patient incident in another state.

Hawaii nurses might make serious mistakes if fatigued

A good night's sleep is often said to be the key to good health and a well-functioning body. Some jobs, however, require a person to remain awake for extensive periods of time. Those who serve as nurses in Hawaii and elsewhere have jobs that fall into this category. An increasing concern has been voiced by some who feel that fatigue can lead to nursing negligence and potentially serious mistakes.

Mistakes apparent cause of illnesses and death; FDA steps in

The suffering or loss of a loved one understandably brings grief and sorrow to all involved. When illness or death is thought to be caused by mistakes or medical negligence, frustration or even anger can sometimes accompany the sadness. Hawaii residents who believe that they have suffered illness or that a family member has died due to an apparent fault in the medical care he or she received are eligible to pursue consultation with a professional legal team experienced in medical malpractice claims in order to determine whether legal action would seem prudent in their case.

Medical mistakes lead to stiff penalties for hospitals

A string of both prestigious and lesser-known medical facilities were penalized recently, losing a full percentage of their Medicare reimbursements. The penalties were issued due to apparent medical mistakes which the federal government claims were avoidable. More than 271 medical centers outside the state of Hawaii were deemed to have much higher error rates than other facilities in 2013.

Hawaii residents and others cautious of medical mistakes

Just into the new year, many people across the nation continue to be focused on their desire for good health. A common thought among  many is that the care provided by the nation's myriad medical facilities and health professionals stands in need of improvement. Patients throughout the country, including some in Hawaii, have taken matters into their own hands by being on the alert for medical mistakes which can have an adverse affect on a person's health.

Medical mistakes pose far greater risk than Ebola

With the recent media coverage surrounding the Ebola outbreak, many Americans assume that the disease is poised to sweep through the nation. In reality, however, American citizens who have not visited affected countries have virtually no risk of being exposed to the deadly disease. What does pose a risk for patients in Hawaii and elsewhere are medical errors. It is important to understand how the mistakes made by medical professionals can impact patients and their families.

Did distracted surgery cause your injuries during surgery?

Most people have heard of distracted driving, where activities like eating, using a cell phone, texting or changing radio stations can cause a loss of focus and result in car accidents. A recent study from the University of Kentucky Medical Center examined the type of distractions surgeons commonly experience to determine what the effect was on performance during surgery.