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5 things to know about birth injuries

Women who are pregnant worry a lot about what will happen when they go into the hospital to give birth. This concern isn't without a good basis. Birth injuries occur in births around the country. These can range from minor injuries that heal without intervention in a few days to very serious injuries that can lead to death. All women who are pregnant should learn a bit about birth injuries before heading to the hospital.

Report concludes surgical error could have killed patient

Medical treatment and surgeries obviously involve a certain amount of safety risk to the patient. Most doctors in Hawaii and elsewhere do their best to adhere to strict protocol that helps them keep patients as safe as possible. Most doctors, however, does not include all doctors, as made evident by a terrible surgical error that occurred in 2014.

Medication mistakes often made by nurses in ICUs

Any medical patient who winds up in the intensive care unit in Hawaii may be at risk if medication of any type is needed. Data shows ICUs are places of high risk for nursing negligence with regard to mistakes being made with medications. Every year, preventable adverse drug events caused by medication errors are recorded in hospitals throughout the nation.

Hospital takes corrective action after shocking surgical error

One can only imagine the utter shock and devastation of having a perfectly healthy kidney surgically removed by mistake. Sadly, this is not the first horrific surgical error to take place in one of the nation's hospitals. Each year, thousands of people in Hawaii and other states are injured, become ill, or, in worst cases, suffer death when doctors and nurses make mistakes that were entirely preventable.

Overdose caused by medical error

There is definitely no shortage of bad news regarding people who die from illegal drug use. Not every overdose in Hawaii or elsewhere is caused by illegal drug use, however. In fact, all too many tragic deaths have been caused by medical mistakes that were entirely preventable.

Grieving parents file negligence lawsuit following son's death

Many parents in Hawaii understand what it's like to have a sick child. Some have also had the frustrating experience of taking children to a hospital for care only to be sent home without concrete answers as to what is causing their child's illness. For one set of parents in another state, this type of situation led to tragedy. They have since filed a lawsuit against all parties they believe guilty of negligence.

Parents blame failure to diagnose for their child's injuries

Entrusting one's child to medical professionals for care and treatment involves a certain amount of risk. However, parents in Hawaii and all other states can reasonably assume that doctors, nurses and other medical staff members will act according to the highest levels of accepted safety standards when rendering services. If a failure to diagnose or other negligence causes injury to one's child, a parent may seek justice by filing a medical malpractice claim in a civil court.

Woman says her injuries were caused by medical malpractice

In Hawaii and all other states, those who entrust their care to medical professionals have the right to reasonably assume that all treatment will be offered in accordance with the highest levels of accepted safety standards. Medical malpractice is problematic in many facilities across the nation. A woman in another state says she suffered serious injuries that could have been prevented if those caring for her at the time would have been more careful.

Parents of young boy say dentist committed medical malpractice

Part of being a good parent obviously involves helping children take proper care of their teeth. Typically, good oral hygiene includes visits to a dental office. Parents in Hawaii can reasonably assume that dentists examining their children's teeth or performing any type of dental procedure will do so according to the highest levels of safety standards available so that the likelihood of medical malpractice incidents occurring remains low.

Mistakes during this procedure can be deadly

Plastic surgeons in Hawaii and throughout the nation often perform elective surgeries meant to improve their patients' physical appearances in some way. One of the most popular forms of non-essential surgery these days has been associated with the deaths of at least seven women in another state, and many others throughout the nation, due to apparent mistakes. The situation captured the attention of an NBC news affiliate, which has launched an investigation into the incidents.