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Hawaii patients should be aware of misdiagnosis problems

A recent article suggested that medical malpractice is an ongoing problem in many states, most likely including Hawaii. Various issues were mentioned as the most common forms of malpractice named in claims filed by patients. Misdiagnosis was said to be the number one cause of malpractice claims.

Birth injuries and errors can lead to medical malpractice suit

The events leading up to a child's birth seem to occur at a lightening pace. Once a woman has gone into labor, that pace quickens even further. Parents in Hawaii and across the nation  become swept away in a series of events that can be confusing and intimidating, and have little to no time to question the decisions made by the medical team attending the birth. At times, accidents take place, some of which will eventually become the subject of medical malpractice lawsuits.

Reckless drivers can cause Hawaiian pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians in Hawaii are generally aware of the dangers they are exposed to when out walking. Reckless drivers often disregard road safety rules, and resulting accidents may lead to severe -- or even fatal -- injuries. Three pedestrians were recently hospitalized after they were struck by a vehicle.

Pedestrian car accidents can lead to jail time

When a Hawaii driver gets behind the wheel, he or she assumes a wide range of responsibilities to those with whom the road is shared. Drivers must ensure that their vehicle is in proper operating condition. They are required to drive only while in good physical condition, including refraining from driving while impaired or exhausted. Drivers must follow the rules of the road and make good choices while operating their vehicles, in an effort to avoid car accidents that can bring harm to all involved.

Recent wreck adds to suspected alcohol-related car accidents

There is no shortage of media coverage and law enforcement-backed drunk driving awareness campaigns. It would be difficult to find anyone of driving age who has not been warned about the dangers of drinking and driving. However, each year Honolulu police continue to respond to alcohol-related car accidents.