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Insurance benefits do not always cover new therapies

When a resident of Hawaii is injured in a serious auto accident, the primary focus is on receiving the appropriate emergency medical treatment. In the days and weeks ahead, the patient and his or her family will begin to consider the long-term ramifications of the damage that has been suffered. When a spinal cord injury has occurred, the road to recovery can be long and difficult to navigate. Many families are surprised to learn that their insurance benefits may not cover all forms of medical care, especially when it comes to treatments that are newly available.

2 motorists taken to hospital after Waimanalo crash

In addition to the physical injuries suffered in a car accident, many people experience significant financial obstacles as a result of the crash. The aftermath of a serious auto accident often involves multiple phases, including the investigation, coordinating medical bill payments, receiving insurance benefits and ultimately bringing civil action against the driver whose negligence caused the crash.

7 fatalities caused by auto accidents so far this year on Maui

Some motor vehicle crashes are truly accidents, but too many are caused by reckless behavior on the part of a driver. One Hawaiian island is experiencing an uptick in fatal car crashes, and law enforcement officials are responding as best they can to try to get drivers to focus on safety.

Older drivers not more dangerous

A potential concern for highway safety, both in Hawaii and across the U.S. is the aging of the baby boom. As the demographic bubble of the baby boomers moves from middle-aged to senior status, the risk of car accidents potentially increases. And that risk threatens both their safety and that of other drivers.

Court find simple is better

Insurance policies are contracts. In the world of contract law, one of the fundamental tenets of contract interpretation by courts is generally stated as the terms of the contract are to be interpreted by their plain meaning within the contract.

The CPU gets its license to drive

Perspective can make virtually any number of deaths seem palatable. Using the benchmark of the early 1980s, we have made remarkable progress towards reducing highway traffic fatalities. From more than 50,000 people a year, in the last few years we have seen fatalities from motor vehicle accidents drop to an all time low, slightly above 30,000. Given we probably drive half a trillion more miles per year than 30 years ago, the accomplishment is all the more remarkable.

Survey finds texters should pay more for insurance than speeders recently released findings from a survey of over 1,000 drivers. The survey, conducted in March of 2013, asked 14 multple-choice questions on topics ranging from the impact of speeding and texting on the cost of insurance to what types of distractions should lead to higher insurance premiums.

Fireworks: not the only thing to worry about on the Fourth

The Fourth of July is a big holiday, with many people having the day off, or as part of a multiday holiday. Because the kids are out of school, many people go on vacation that week and if nothing else, they may go to a picnic, parade or fireworks. With all of that celebrating, eating and drinking, it is good to take a moment to note one other aspect of the Fourth of July: it is the deadliest holiday of the year for drivers.

Texting should increase your insurance costs

Insurance policies are contracts. One of the fictions the law assumes is that contracts are "bargained for" agreements. Of course, everyone knows there is no bargaining in an insurance contract, unless you are a multi-billion dollar corporation yourself. You accept the terms "as is" or you do not do business with that insurance company.