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Hawaii consumers might be using defective products

By law, manufacturers and companies in Hawaii and elsewhere are required to report a known product flaw within 24 hours when that product poses a hazard or risk to potential consumers. Defective products are the subject of a recent case that has resulted in Office Depot being issued a $3.4 million civil penalty. The products in question include two brands of office chairs that have reportedly been associated with multiple consumer injuries.

Is lack of warning labels part of defective products liability?

In Hawaii and elsewhere in the United States, a manufacturer can potentially be held liable for placing a purchasable item into the hands of consumers if there is a known risk associated with use of that item. Use of defective products can sometimes lead to serious injury, illness or, in worst case scenarios, even death. A recent controversy has arisen regarding a suspected link between normal use of a certain talcum powder product and ovarian cancer in women.

Some Hawaii cars might be subject of defective products lawsuits

When Hawaii residents, as well as those in all other states, are injured through the normal usage of a purchased product, they may have cause to file a product liability claim in a civil court. Manufacturers, as well as all parties within the distribution chain of a product are legally responsible for placing products that are safe to use into the hands of consumers. Defective products sometimes lead to severe illness, injury or even death.

Brad Pitt involved in liability suit for defective products

A manufacturing company outside the state of Hawaii that allegedly sold wood to a group that was helping to rebuild homes destroyed during a hurricane has been named in a lawsuit filed by a community service foundation. The claim alleges the the company knowingly sold defective products that were to be used in the reconstruction effort. The Make It Right Foundation, the charitable effort of popular Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt, has filed the legal claim against the timber company.

Hawaii patients should be aware of alleged defective products

When patients go to medical facilities to undergo what should be routine medical procedures, leaving the facilities with life-threatening infections are likely the last things they expect. Unfortunately, a number of patients at hospitals both in and outside of Hawaii fall ill each year due to defective products. Now, one man who believes he is a victim of a defective medical product is suing the medical device's manufacturer.

Hawaii residents should be aware of defective products lawsuits

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, manufacturers and vendors can be held liable for injury, illness or death suffered by a consumer who has used a flawed product. Responsibility for placing defective products into the hands of consumers lies with all parties within the distribution chain. Recently, a family has accepted a new settlement from an automobile manufacturing company blamed for producing a vehicle with a reportedly flawed ignition system.

Company sued for defective products that might cause burns

In Hawaii and all the other 49 states, a manufacturer or seller can be held liable when it places a product into the hands of a consumer that causes injury or illness. A recent lawsuit against a company that manufactures microwaves claims that the defective products are a hazard to consumers' safety. The issue at hand involves the design of the product's handle.

Defective products potential harm for Hawaii firefighters, others

Firefighters face a significant degree of risk and danger each time they respond to a fire alarm. One fireman outside the state of Hawaii pursued a defective products claim after being severely injured in a 2007 fire. Already a veteran of foreign war, the man's family said they did not expect that his job as a civilian would end up being more dangerous than his military combat service.

Defective products alleged due to food poisoning symptoms

A company which makes a protein powder distributed throughout the nation has ceased production due to claims of food poisoning suffered after consuming it. The alleged defective products have been circulating the consumer market since Nov. 2014. Hawaii residents might wish to investigate the current recall in case they are in possession of the product in question.

Mom blames Listeria-infected defective products for baby's death

Listeria is a dangerous illness for anyone in Hawaii and across the country. However, defective products that have been contaminated with Listeria are especially dangerous for pregnant women. Symptoms that can be experienced are similar to that of a flu. The actual infection from the illness may result in pregnancy complications, which could lead to a lawsuit citing product liability or wrongful death.