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Premises liability includes more than slips and balcony falls

Many Hawaii residents are not fully aware of the responsibilities that business owners hold toward the individuals who frequent their establishments. Owners and operators are expected to maintain a safe and secure environment for all those who are present at that place of business. These responsibilities may take a different form depending on the type of business, but the core remains the same. When these duties are not properly met, premises liability offers an avenue of legal recourse that extends far beyond simple accidents such as shopping center and balcony falls.

Was sexual assault in frat house due to inadequate security?

When an accident or injury takes place on property in Hawaii owned by an individual, business or institution, the injured party has the right to seek legal recourse. This is true in slip-and-fall incidents, improperly maintained structures, or in cases in which there was inadequate security in place to protect visitors. The legal term for these types of claims is premises liability, and the cases that fall under this category can be very diverse.

Hawaii thrill seekers should know of coaster accident on mainland

Anyone who has ever been to an amusement park has probably wondered how these venues keep patrons safe. Honolulu residents who frequent amusement parks might be interested to learn of an accident that happened on a roller coaster on the mainland.

Trampoline parks: fun until someone get hurt

You may not have heard of trampoline parks before, but they are a relatively new exercise and entertainment trend, typically consisting of a large warehouse-like buildings, which are filled with numerous types of trampolines, mats and areas where customers can jump and bounce. They are popular as locations for birthday parties for children. It seems like a great deal of fun and provides the benefits of athletic activity, but some states have moved to regulate these facilities as injuries have increased.

Pool drain accident almost claims Usher's son

Earlier this week, the son of entertainer Usher almost died in a swimming pool accident at a home Georgia. The five-year-old son was under the supervision of his great aunt and a housekeep when he was apparently caught by the suction created on the pool's drain.