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Hawaii truck accidents can lead to insurance complications

Accidents in Hawaii sometimes involve pedestrians, automobiles, bicyclists or big rig trucks. Truck accidents sometimes lead to complicated issues involving insurance or liability due to the commercial nature of some tractor-trailers on the road. When a person becomes a victim of a truck accident, he or she may have need of professional legal advice. Consultation with a competent legal team can help a person determine whether he or she wishes to file a personal injury claim in a civil court when injuries have been caused by an operator of a tractor-trailer.

Innocent victims can suffer after Hawaii truck accidents

Human behavior can be irrational and human beings are never perfect. These facts affect every aspect of life, cause all types of problems and can even have serious consequences. One area of life in which people are most at risk of becoming victims due to other people's inadequacies is on the road. There, Hawaii drivers' irrational actions can result in injury-causing car, motorcycle and truck accidents.

Compensation may be available to those injured in truck accidents

If you've ever come across an accident involving a semi truck, you've probably seen that the amount of damage these vehicles can cause is pretty significant. Truck accidents are, unfortunately, fairly commonplace in states all across the country, including here in Hawaii. Generally speaking, these accidents are more severe than a typical automobile crash, and victims of these collisions often suffer catastrophic injuries that greatly alter their lives.

1 killed, 2 injured when semi collides with trailer in Kauai

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to be held to high safety standards and regularly tested because of the innate dangers of large vehicles travelling at high speeds. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers adhere to those standards, and other motorists often suffer injuries as a result.

Family brings lawsuit after death of University of Hawaii student

A college student's family is taking legal action after a truck accident that took the young woman's life at a Hawaii farmers' market. The family is suing the company that owns the delivery truck involved in the accident, as well as the 23-year-old woman who was driving the truck.

FedEx hit with first lawsuit after fatal bus-truck accident

The commercial trucking industry is subject to complex regulations to protect motorists and pedestrians from potentially deadly hazards such as mechanical failure, dangerous loading practices, driver intoxication and driver fatigue. Unfortunately, safety standards are not always met, and often innocent victims pay the price. Commercial truck accidents are all too common throughout the country, including Hawaii.

NHTSA: Hawaii least likely state for fatal truck accidents to occur

According to a recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, Hawaii is among the states where one is least likely to die in a collision with a large truck. Along with Rhode Island, trucks are involved in about 3.4 percent of fatal crashes, a fairly small number when compared to North Dakota, which topped the list with 20.2 percent.

An appalling truck accident

Technology is always a double-edged sword. It both provides more protection from some dangers, while offering numerous opportunities for increasing risks. Trucking companies have various types of technology to make their operations more efficient, safer and more profitable.

Dangerous loads on the highway

Ever followed a truck on the winding roads here in Hawaii and thought to yourself, "That load does not look all that secure." You often see precarious loads of building materials, landscaping materials or in many cases, you cannot really tell what it is, but it does not look safe.

Trucking rule change hoped not to compromise safety

Modern commercial trucks are a wonder of engineering technology. Massive engines and sophisticated transmission permit them to pull astounding payloads. Computers monitor the operational efficiency of the engine and sophisticated braking systems allow them to stop safely. That is, assuming everything has been properly maintained and is competently operated by the truck driver.