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Schools say defective products failed to perform as promised

A supposed high quality artificial turf is the center of controversy as recent lawsuits have been filed against its manufacturers, saying it has failed to perform as advertised. Numerous school systems outside Hawaii have purported manufacturers knowingly sold them defective products. They also say those deemed liable refused to live up to their guarantees.

Addressing defective products issues during the holidays

In the coming weeks, many people in Hawaii and throughout the nation will be celebrating this year's holiday season. It is no secret that sales revenues increase when consumers begin shopping for Christmas gifts, special food items and other products associated with holiday fare. Typically a joyful and exciting time, it may be wrought with suffering for those who become injured by defective products.

Consumers say: Samsung washing machines defective products

Most Hawaii residents would not generally consider doing laundry a relatively high-risk activity for danger. However, there have apparently been severe injuries associated with use of Samsung top-loading washing machines. So many reports have been filed that Samsung has issued a major recall on the allegedly defective products.

Generic drugs often listed in defective products claims

Thousands of people in Hawaii and throughout the nation are injured every year in situations where another party was negligent in some way. Where defective products are concerned, all those within the line of manufacturing, sales and distribution can be held liable for damages when evidence presented convinces the court that such liability exists. Various commercial drugs and medications are often listed in product liability claims. Recently, changes proposed by the FDA have raised concerns among generic drug manufacturers.

One of the possibly defective products blew up in a man's pocket

Advanced technology helps many people in Hawaii and throughout the world communicate on personal and professional levels more quickly and conveniently than ever. New products are often launched, with advertisements trying to convince consumers they can't live without the latest, greatest gadgets. Sometimes, however, defective products get into the hands of consumers. One man has actually filed a lawsuit, claiming his Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his pocket.

Guidance may be needed in defective products litigation

Consumers in Hawaii are among thousands injured each year through use of poorly designed or otherwise faulty products. A manufacturer or distributor who knowingly places defective products into the hands of consumers may be held accountable when those who use such products become ill, injured or, in worst cases, die. In situations involving the latter, an immediate family member may act on behalf of a decedent to pursue justice in court.

Verdict awarded regarding defective products

Those in Hawaii and others who use commercial products are able to reasonably assume that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure their safety. Many defective products have caused injury, illness or even death. In such situations, those who have suffered may seek justice by filing product liability claims in civil court.

Hospital faces 6 counts of negligence in claim

Emergency rooms in Hawaii are often filled with patients seeking treatment for various injuries and illnesses. Many times, staff members are able to quickly assess a situation and provide appropriate treatment and care that help patients achieve speedy recoveries. If hospital workers are negligent, however, things may not go so well; in fact, many patients have died due medical negligence in emergency rooms throughout the nation.

Defective products can sometimes be traced to harmful ingredients

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, consumers must always be on alert for potentially harmful ingredients in the products they use. Defective products often involve ingredients that have been misrepresented by manufacturers. For example, a woman in another state is seeking certification for a class-action lawsuit pertaining to wing sauce that she says was misrepresented as an all natural product.

Baby bottle warmers and rattles may be among defective products

When it comes to the safety of children, parents are often concerned with the quality of store-bought products they use. As consumers, they can reasonably assume that all reasonable steps have been taken and laws obeyed that help keep products safe, especially when used in the care and upbringing of babies and other children. When defective products in Hawaii cause injury or illness, parents may become understandably angry and frustrated.