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Hawaii car accidents can devastate lives

A 13-year-old girl in Hawaii was recently involved in a horrific accident that left her mourning the untimely loss of her grandmother. An arrest has been made in the case and multiple charges filed. Sadly, the child's grandmother, a 57-year-old woman, was pronounced dead at the scene. Tragic car accidents like the one in this case often result in the devastation of the lives of those involved.

Some Hawaii car accidents lead to actions against the state

In 2008, a fatal accident in Hawaii left a family mourning the loss of a child. According to reports, several car accidents involving vehicles that have veered across the center line of traffic on a certain road occurred prior to the 2008 crash. The design of the intersection on Farrington Highway was mentioned in a liability case that the deceased child's family has since filed against the state.

Speed a factor in some Hawaii car accidents

In a certain location in Hawaii, there is a curve in the road known to some as "dead man's bend." Many who have grown up in the area claim that this portion of the road is notorious for being the scene of many car accidents. Speed limits are posted at 25 mph, but nearby residents say it is not uncommon for drivers to speed through the curve, often resulting in collisions.

Some Hawaii car accidents result in arrests

A fatal accident occurred in Hawaii on a recent Saturday that resulted in the loss of two lives. The tragedy took place on Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway. Car accidents such as this one sometimes result in a driver being arrested when suspicion of reckless driving or other wrongful action is a factor in a collision.

Hawaii car accidents sometimes result in negligence claims

Witnesses are being sought in a recent Hawaii accident that involved one motor vehicle and reportedly two pedestrians. Car accidents such as this one sometimes result in criminal charges being filed against a driver when he or she is suspected of unlawful actions behind the wheel. In this case, police are seeking witnesses in order to confirm the testimony given by the driver of the car involved in the incident.

Driver negligence a suspected factor in some Hawaii car accidents

Students, parents and staff of a Honolulu school are mourning the unexpected loss of an alumnus in a fatal motor vehicle accident. The Saint Francis community said that the graduate's death brings significant grief, especially given the fact that two of her younger siblings are current students at the school. Some Hawaii car accidents are due to driver negligence and, in this case, witness reports indicate that the driver might have been distracted after dropping a cellphone in the moments just prior to the crash.

Car accidents in Hawaii sometimes involve medical episodes

Decisions made in the immediate aftermath of an accident are sometimes determined by certain details regarding circumstances occurring in the moments just prior to a crash. Car accidents in Hawaii sometimes involve medical episodes suffered by a driver shortly before a collision occurs. When a person has been injured due to a driver who has undergone a medical episode at the time of the incident, he or she may still be able to seek compensation for damages. This may depend upon the other driver's prior knowledge of the medical condition.

Car accidents sometimes bring devastation to families in Hawaii

Family members of a victim from a recent fatal accident in Hawaii recently lamented the unexpected loss of their loved one. The stepfather of the victim said that he is saddened by car accidents that involve alcohol and driving at excessive speeds and suspects that the recent tragedy might have involved both. Another vehicle occupant survived the accident but suffered serious injuries.

Hawaii car accidents sometimes involve stalled vehicles

Details surrounding a recent Sunday collision are still being scrutinized by police. Authorities in Hawaii sometimes find a need for ongoing investigations in the aftermath of some car accidents. Such was the case in the recent crash which occurred on the H-3 freeway.

Alcohol consumption can lead to Hawaii car accidents

The legal level of blood alcohol content for operating a motor vehicle in Hawaii is .08 percent. Car accidents that result in serious injuries and/or death often occur when drivers disregard traffic laws. A 27-year-old woman remains in critical condition due to a recent accident caused by an alleged drunk driver.