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Speed plus sharp curves often equal car accidents

Most motorists in Hawaii and throughout the nation understand that navigating sharp curves requires skill and caution behind the wheel. Those who speed often cause car accidents when their vehicles cross over the center lines of traffic while rounding bends. This appears to have been the case in a tragedy that occurred on a recent Friday evening in the South Kona region.

Reckless drivers often do these things

Many motorists in Hawaii have had the misfortune of sharing the road with unsafe drivers. From speeding to failing to stop at red lights, making unsafe lane changes and other dangerous maneuvers, reckless drivers are highway menaces who often cause serious motor vehicle collisions. All too many accident fatalities are later found to have been entirely preventable were it not for drivers acting wantonly behind their wheels.

Hawaiian car accidents have cost many young people their lives

Any motor vehicle collision that results in a fatality is a tragic incident. Fatal car accidents involving young people are especially traumatic. A recent crash in Hawaii involved two vehicles and resulted in one death, as well as injuries to two others.

Many holiday car accidents in Hawaii caused by road rage

During the holidays, many children in Hawaii and elsewhere are on the lookout for Santa Claus. Those driving motor vehicles in the state have another concern during this busy time of the year -- dangerous drivers acting with road rage. Car accidents increase during the holidays, and angry motorists are often the cause.

These distractions often lead to car accidents

Many motor vehicle collisions in Hawaii and elsewhere are later found to have been entirely preventable. Car accidents caused by distracted drivers have the potential to cause serious injuries or death. Learning that a loved one has died in this manner, and that the death would likely have been prevented if the driver deemed at fault had been focused on the road, may add anger and frustration to a grief-stricken situation.

Reckless drivers put pedestrians at risk

Every motorist in Hawaii is obligated to act with caution while driving, in accordance with a traffic and safety regulations. Reckless drivers are menaces to all who share the road, including pedestrians.  In fact, sometimes, simply trying to cross the street can become a life or death situation. A recent incident involved a family of four who were navigating their way across the street in a marked crosswalk.

Tailgating and car accidents often go hand in hand

As in many other tourist-attraction states in the nation, Hawaii roadways are often cluttered with traffic. Every motorist is obliged to act with focus and caution behind the wheel to maintain safety for all who share the roads. When drivers become distracted or tailgate the vehicles in front of them, the risks of car accidents occurring are significantly increased.

Some Hawaii car accidents investigated as homicides

The aftermaths of fatal automobile collisions in Hawaii often include negligent homicide investigations. When car accidents result in serious injuries or death to children, grief experienced by the loved ones of victims is often intensified. Whether police file charges against a driver believed responsible for an accident or not, immediate family members of a deceased victim may pursue justice by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

Beware of distracted drivers -- they often cause car accidents

Not only are there more vehicles on the roads in Hawaii than there were a decade ago, travel speed has also increased. In order to maintain high levels of safety, motorists need to act with caution and diligence behind the wheel. Many car accidents are caused by drivers who fail to adhere to traffic regulations or have become distracted and taken their eyes off the road.

Causes of car accidents not always immediately apparent

A recent incident in Hawaii was initially reported as a two-car accident. New information has led investigators to seek a third vehicle in the situation. As in many other car accidents, the exact cause of this one was not immediately apparent; authorities now believe a key factor may lie with the driver of a third car.