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Woman Involved In Crash Sues Former Waikiki Bar


By: Jai Cunningham

Last Update: 11/27 7:33 pm

Woman Involved in Crash Sues Former Waikiki Bar

A woman seriously injured in a wrong way crash on the H-1 freeway nearly two years ago has sued a former Waikiki bar. Slammers was where author and playwright, Lisa Matsumoto, allegedly drank before the crash.

She had staples in her head, but that wasn’t the worst of it. “The long lasting injury which kept her off work for some 18 months was what they call a tibia fibula fracture, those are the two bones in your lower leg, which needed pins and plates,” said Olaivar’s Attorney, Rick Fried.

And even though she is back at work, Fried says the pain lingers.

“The major injury is the dramatic change in the lifestyle of this young woman, who was fairly active athletically and now needs pain pills to function when she’s on her feet,” said Fried.

Slammers once stood where Martini Zoo is now located.

A Honolulu Liquor Commission investigation found the bar did overserve Matsumoto on that December night in 2007, but a hearing is still to come.

“So we have sued the bar because her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit,” said Fried.

The crash happened in the early morning hours, shutting down the freeway for several hours.

Matsumoto somehow got on the wrong side of the H-1 freeway when she crashed head on into Olaivar.

“I think the lesson here, particularly this time of the year bars and other drinking establishments have to be extraordinarily careful with serving patrons that are obviously intoxicated,” said Fried.

Attempts to reach the owners of the former bar Slammers were unsuccessful.