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Waikiki Woman Remains Hospitalized with Bacterial Infections


April 11, 2006 08:33 PM

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(KHNL) – A 40-year-old Waikiki woman remains in the hospital, after surfing in contaminated waters.

Lisa Kennedy is on a morphine drip, trying to fight off a handful of bacterial infections.

“Three of the bugs are found associated with fecal material, the other bug is found only in water,” said Kennedy’s attorney Rick Fried.

Fried says doctors believe it’s “highly probable” she got the bugs from raw sewage that was pumped into local waters.

Kennedy, her boyfriend and two friends rented surfboards right outside the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Then paddled out to a surf spot called Kaisers. An hour later, she cut herself, and quickly got out of the water.

Kennedy received stitches but days later, felt ill. She was re-admitted to Queen’s on April 3.

“Lisa and her boyfriend have made it crystal-clear that had they had the slightest knowledge there was raw sewage in the water, they would be nowhere near it,” said Fried.

Fried says Kennedy never saw a warning sign on the beach. But city officials say days before Kennedy surfed in contaminated waters, they began posting more than 200 warning signs around the Ala Wai Canal and Waikiki.

Fried says he will investigate the facts before deciding whether to file a lawsuit.

Doctors don’t know how much longer Kennedy will be hospitalized but say she will survive.