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Lawsuit launched after KCC Farmers' Market death

By Pete Caggiano
8:27 PM HST May 13, 2014

HONOLULU The demand for answers just intensified nearly two months to the day that a delivery truck struck and killed Anne Runland at the Kapiolani Community College farmers market.

The parents of a woman killed in a Honolulu farmers market crash have filed a lawsuit claiming negligence. Anne Runland died after a Mao Organic Farms delivery truck reversed into her while she was setting up a booth at the Kapiolani Community College farmers market.

“There’s been some question of what happened and that’s the purpose for the lawsuit, to find out exactly what happened,” said family attorney Richard Fried.

The delivery truck belonged to Mao Organic farms, which is targeted in the suit. Also in the suit is driver Kuuleilani Samson and a reference to John Does. “The John Does are because we don’t know if there’s going to be an issue with the truck, we have no evidence of that so I didn’t want to name them at this point,” said Fried.

Anne would have graduated this weekend from UH Manoa with a degree in psychology. Her father Terrence Runland and mother Sarah van Vegten plan to attend the graduation ceremony in her honor.

Anne’s mother Sarah spoke in the aftermath of the tragedy. “She was a ray of sunshine. She had an impact on everyone she came in contact with. She was a free spirit, she loved to hike, she loved it here,” said Sarah van Vegten.

Several changes have already been implemented at the KCC farmers market in the wake of the tragedy. Any vehicle backing up must now have a guide. Also, vendors must set up between 5:30 and 7 am. The first visitors come in no earlier than 7:30 am.

The Honolulu Police Department is still investigating the incident.