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Honolulu Magazine

July 2007

L. Richard Fried, Jr.
Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury
Cronin Fried Sekiya Kekina and Fairbanks

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When Island residents recall last spring’s 40 days of rain, they remember the victims of the Kaloko Dam breach. When the Peterson family’s story unfolded-a local hospital gave a newborn baby carbon dioxide instead of oxygen-people’s worst medical fears were realized. L. Richard Fried, Jr., was at the helm of both of these high-profile cases. Over the years he has helped his firm win more than a billion dollars for its clients. In the Peterson case, the parents received the highest single personal-injury settlement in Hawai’i’s history, $16.5 million.

It may seem like common sense to do so, but many people fail to check if their doctor is insured and board-certified. A doctor needs to be both to earn active hospital privileges. “I would never get surgery from someone without active hospital privileges,” Fried says.

“It’s important to speak to a doctor who can give you good advice,” Fried suggests. “I can’t tell you how many cases I hear where the client says, ‘Betty said this doctor would do a good job; how would I know if he was unqualified?'” Fried advises seeking referrals from a trusted medical professional, such as your family doctor.