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Premises Liability Archives

Balcony falls and other potential premises liabilities

What if a person staying at a hotel in Hawaii is enjoying the oceanic view from the balcony when the railing dislodges, causing th guest to fall to the ground? Balcony falls have occurred on many occasions, resulting in catastrophic injuries, sometimes even death. It begs the question as to who may be held accountable for such tragedies?

Whether to address the matter of swimming pool accidents in court

Many people in Hawaii and elsewhere enjoying visiting friends who have swimming pools. Hours of leisure and recreation are often shared around backyard pools, as well as those found at community locations or commercial hotels and resorts. However, when things go wrong and swimming pool accidents occur due to owner negligence, those adversely affected may wonder where to turn for help in pursuing justice against those deemed liable.

Recent incident proof that dog bites may lead to charges

A property owner in Hawaii or any other state is obligated to make every reasonable effort to keep visitors to the property safe. When dog bites or other injuries occur on site, an owner may be held accountable for premises liability, if the situation warrants it. Such incidents often lead to charges being filed against property owners, as was the case following a recent incident in another state where a man was bitten by a dog in another man's yard.

Inadequate security and lighting, premises liability issues

Property owners in Hawaii and elsewhere are reasonably responsibly for ensuring the safety of visitors to their properties. If an accident occurs, a crime is committed, or other incident takes place that causes injury to someone, it may mean that the owner of the property can be held accountable in court. The injured victim would be able to pursue a monetary recovery of losses against the party or parties deemed responsible for the injury. Inadequate security or lighting often leads to dangerous situations.

Potential product devaluation regarding defective products

A situation has developed that many automobile owners in Hawaii may want to follow. A federal court has been asked to determine whether people who own products under a brand name whose manufacturer has been found negligent for other defective products may seek damages for the potential devaluation of their own products due to a tarnished brand name. Reportedly, the court determined that product owners are not entitled to pursue such compensation.

Nursing negligence still a problem in Hawaii and other states

When substandard medical care causes a person to suffer injury or illness, victims and family members often experience feelings of anger and frustration. When the victim is a child, or an elderly person who cannot provide self-care, the unjustness of the situation is intensified. In 2011, in a facility outside Hawaii, an elderly man died due to what his family says was nursing home negligence.

Inadequate security may involve more than lack of manpower

Providing for the safety of those on public fairgrounds in Hawaii involves more than simply hiring security guards or making sure there is appropriate lighting on the premises. Other issues of inadequate security might include various details surrounding vendors on the property, including the products they are making available to the public. When a potentially dangerous item is knowingly made available, the lives of those attending the fair may be placed at risk.

Inadequate security may place tourists in Hawaii at risk

Hawaii is known as one of the world's most beautiful tourist locations, with myriad vacationers visiting the islands each year. Those who own premises visited by tourists -- such as restaurants, hotels or shopping centers -- are obligated to provide for the safety of their patrons. Inadequate security, as well as physical debris or hazards, can place tourists at risk for accidents and injuries.

Some Hawaiian tourists might be injured due to balcony falls

Hawaii attracts tourists from all over the world. Many locations cater to visitors who are vacationing with family and friends or traveling through the state on business. During some visits, accidents sometimes occur that result in injuries to one or more persons. Balcony falls, swimming pool accidents or shopping center mishaps might lead to a premises liability claim being filed in a civil court if the injured person identifies a source deemed responsible for his or her accident.

Victims can seek recovery costs after dog bites in Hawaii

Many people in Hawaii and elsewhere own pets, some considering the animals members of their own families. While owning and caring for pets can be a rewarding experience, things can go wrong when people suffer dog bites or attacks from other animals that belong to neighbors, friends or strangers. A recent article discussed a problem regarding an increase of dog bites during summer months.