Delayed signs of birth injuries

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Birth injuries do not always show up right away. In some cases, symptoms take a year or longer to manifest. According to the CDC, 3% of all infants born in the United States suffer from a defect.

However, you might not know if the disability you see in your child is because of medical malpractice. This becomes harder to prove as more time passes. If you see any symptoms described below, bring your child to a trusted doctor for a professional medical opinion. Then you must decide if the obstetrician or other medical professionals who delivered your baby are at fault.

After one year

Every baby develops at his or her own pace. However, after one year you should expect to see your baby pass some milestones in development. For example, after one year, the baby should practice crawling and standing. They also should be grabbing objects and bringing them to their mouths. Babies should also start trying to speak around their first birthday. Pay close attention to your baby’s mobility and attempts at speech.

After two years

After two years most children speak in short phrases and understand whole sentences. They also should walk, eat and drink without help. During playtime, they should have relatively smooth movements. If you notice jerky reflexes, you might want to consult with a doctor.

Do not panic if you notice any one of the symptoms described above. Sometimes babies take a little longer to develop. However, if you notice multiple developmental milestones seem to take longer than usual, find a pediatrician and get their opinion.