When do most auto accidents occur in Hawaii?

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Hawaii is a popular vacation destination, but residents are constantly using the roads as well. Tourists and locals alike have ample reason to worry over highway safety.

A large number of factors contribute to car crashes on Hawaii roads. However, there is a certain time of year during which auto accidents are statistically more likely.

What time of year do most auto accidents occur?

The Hawaii Department of Transportation reports traffic fatality numbers on a monthly and yearly basis. Over 4 years from 2018 to 2021, the months of January and November hold the highest number of auto accident fatalities at 42 each. With 38 fatalities in December during the same time period, it stands to reason that the cold late-quarter months signal the most dangerous time of year for Hawaii motorists.

What are the common causes of auto accidents?

The most common causes for vehicle collisions in Hawaii include recklessness, impairment and distracted driving. Tourist drivers who are unfamiliar with directions and terrain also present a unique danger on Hawaii roads. When many vacationers enter the state to escape cold winter weather in favor of more tropical climes, the risk of traveling the highways may increase.

While avoiding driving altogether is hardly an option for most Hawaii residents and visitors, it is best to take increased caution during certain times of the year. Auto accidents can cause serious damage, injury, or even death. Individuals who experience pain or loss resulting from a car crash can consult with a Hawaii personal injury attorney to explore legal options.