Understand the difference between birth defects and injuries

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Having a child should be a time filled with joy and excitement for the whole family. However, if your child has a health issue at the time of birth, it can end up being a stress-filled experience instead of a happy one.

There can be different causes of health concerns that present themselves at birth, from defects to injuries. Understanding the difference between the two can help you find the best way to proceed.

Common birth defects

Birth defects occur on a regular basis. A birth defect is a difference in anatomy at a structural level and can range from mild to severe. These health concerns can be genetic and can happen at different stages throughout pregnancy, although they are not always detectable until after a child is born. Some common birth defects include those related to hearing, vision and the heart.

Common birth injuries

A birth injury is different from a defect. A birth injury occurs at the time of delivery and can happen to both the mother and child or one or the other. Common injuries can include broken bones, bruising and damage to nerves and organs. Sometimes, but not always, a birth injury may be due to negligence on the part of a medical provider.

While both can cause distress, birth defects and birth injuries are two different things. The next steps you take after experiencing a difficult delivery can depend greatly on whether your child has a birth defect or has suffered a birth injury.