Tips for sharing the road with bicyclists

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

Honolulu residents and tourists may enjoy getting out for a bike ride. As a driver, however, what can you do to minimize the chance of a crash with a cyclist?

Unfortunately, vehicle collisions with bikes continue to rise. With so many people taking to the road, you can take measures to keep yourself and others safe. Discover some tips for sharing the road responsibly with cyclists.

Give them space

Cyclists on the road should follow the same traffic laws and navigate the same hazards as vehicles. Following a bike too closely may put the biker at risk for a crash. Should the cyclist need to stop or swerve, you may not avoid a collision if there is insufficient space to do so.

Keep a keen eye

Drivers and cyclists alike should remain on guard when out on the road. Distracted driving continues to cause accidents at alarming rates. One glance down at a phone screen or GPS display, and a driver may strike a cyclist or other vehicle. The same applies to cyclists. They should avoid playing loud music or gazing at the scenery.

Open doors carefully

Stopped vehicles may prove a danger to cyclists. A common cause of injury to cyclists involves hitting a vehicle door opened into their path. The open door may strike the cyclist directly or cause the bike to hit the open door head-on. These dooring crashes may cause head and back injuries to bikers. As a driver, it is crucial to ensure there is not a cyclist before opening the door.

While sharing the road with cyclists is not always easy or convenient, everyone deserves a chance to arrive at their destination safely.