Tips for staying safe while hang gliding in Hawaii

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When people plan their Hawaiian vacations, they often try to include some form of adventure. Whether they want to take a helicopter ride over a volcano or try their hand at surfing, there are plenty of exhilarating options. However, any adventurous activity carries some risk of injury. It’s important that tourists planning exciting activities educate themselves about basic risks and safety.

Hang gliding is a perfect example of an activity that is a lot of fun but also very risky. You can safely hang glide, but you should educate yourself about the potential risks and how to minimize them before you try your hand at flying. That way, you can enjoy your adventure without as much risk of serious injury.

Carefully review the reputation of the company and inspect all equipment

There is a lot of money to be made in catering to tourists around Hawaii. Sometimes, this means unscrupulous individuals start poorly managed businesses. They may have very low prices, but the equipment that you would hang glide on will reflect that lower price. When it comes to a safety-critical activity like hang gliding, it is usually better to pay a little more for an excursion provided by a company with a solid reputation and very high quality equipment.

Before you set out on a flight, you should always inspect the hang glider. Make sure that every part of the unit, from the ropes to your harness are securely attached and in good condition. You should never hesitate to call attention to anything that looks out of place or defective. Minor issues with your hang glider could present the opportunity for catastrophic failure when you are in the air.

Hang gliding presents risk for many kinds of injuries

As an activity that involves flying, hang gliding is inherently risky. There are many possible injuries a participant could suffer. Many times, it is possible to fall from a high elevation. This could result in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. People can also trip, slip or fall during takeoff or landing, which can lead to similar injuries.

Some injuries may simply be the result of operator mistakes. Especially if you aren’t familiar with hang gliding, you want to work with a company that provides you with adequate safety and operating instructions. While you don’t want to spend your vacation in the classroom, staying safe should be more important then packing in as many activities as possible.

If you ended up injured while on vacation in Hawaii because of faulty equipment or inadequate safety practices or instruction, you may have grounds to pursue compensation. Sometimes, the company that provided you with the hang gliding adventure may be legally liable for the injuries you suffer during your flight.