Did you sustain serious injuries while vacationing in Hawaii?

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For most people, Hawaii is a magical place, a vacation that they aspire to take some day. They imagine a beautiful, tropical paradise, full of wonder and awe-inspiring seascapes. While this is true in part, Hawaii can also be a dangerous place to visit for some. Hotels and resorts can experience maintenance issues, such as loose balcony railings or wet floors. Tours can turn ugly if there’s a motor vehicle accident. There’s even the risk of broken bones, paralysis or death on beaches with large waves. While good decision making can reduce these risks, the potential for serious injuries remains.

It could have been a maintenance issue with your hotel, a mistake by a tour guide or even a slippery floor after a sudden rain storm. The hotel, store, restaurant or tour company likely could have prevented your accident with better upkeep and a more proactive approach to premises liability.

Premises liability is the risk any business assumes by allowing customers onto a property. Businesses must maintain clean and safe facilities for customers. Failing to do so incurs premises liability, meaning that the business could be financially liable for any injuries that happen on the property.

Medical incidents on vacation can cost you

You probably spent thousands of dollars on your perfect Hawaiian getaway. You could easily incur as much or more in medical bills as a result of a serious injury from a balcony accident or slip-and-fall. Depending on your medical insurance provider, you may have to pay higher co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles for treatment away from home. Even if you have excellent insurance, seeking intensive medical care on vacation in another state could cost you a lot of money. If you have mediocre insurance with a high deductible or don’t carry health insurance for some reason, you could end up incurring thousands in medical debt quickly.

Traveling after a serious injury may be more expensive than it would usually be. When you get home, you may not be able to return to work because of your injuries. Your vacation could end up costing your family a lot more than just the price of tickets and accommodations. That’s why you should speak with an experienced Hawaii personal injury attorney if you’ve sustained serious injuries while on vacation in Hawaii, especially if it happened in a hotel, at a resort or while on a professional tour.

A lawyer can help you fight for compensation

Most businesses carry insurance policies to protect against liability, including premises liability. Your lawyer can help you review any settlement offers from insurance companies. With professional review, you could be tricked into accepting a settlement that won’t cover all of your losses. If no financial help is forthcoming, you and your attorney can review your other options, such as a civil lawsuit.