5 things to know about birth injuries

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Women who are pregnant worry a lot about what will happen when they go into the hospital to give birth. This concern isn’t without a good basis. Birth injuries occur in births around the country. These can range from minor injuries that heal without intervention in a few days to very serious injuries that can lead to death. All women who are pregnant should learn a bit about birth injuries before heading to the hospital.

#1: Bone injuries occur

Babies can suffer broken bones during birth. The collarbone is the most commonly broken bone during delivery. Other bones can also suffer breaks. These include the leg bones and arm bones. The spinal cord might also suffer damage during delivery. Broken bones will likely heal; however, an injured spinal cord might be a lifelong disability.

#2: Nerve damage is possible

Nerve damage can occur during deliveries, especially difficult deliveries. A delivery that includes forceps can end with nerve damage. Facial nerve damage is one example of this type of injury. In most cases, facial nerve damage will heal and resolve within two to three months. This doesn’t make the injury any less scary for the parents.

#3: Head injuries might occur

Head injuries are possible during delivery. The extent of the head injuries possible range from bruising to brain bleeds. Lack of oxygen during labor and delivery can lead to brain injuries like cerebral palsy. These injuries can have lifelong effects on the children, as well as their family members.

#4: Eye and soft tissue injuries can happen

Eye injuries, which include popped blood vessels, can occur. Other eye injuries aren’t common but might occur during delivery. Soft tissue injuries are fairly common. Bruising and pulled muscles can occur. Typically, these are associated with problematic deliveries like those involving shoulder dystocia or cephalopelvic disproportion.

#5: Mothers can be injured

Mothers are sometimes the person who is injured during delivery. Damage to the perineal area, uterus, bladder and body structures close to the vagina might suffer injury. Even death is possible, which might occur if the uterus ruptures or other severe complications are present and improperly treated.

Seeking compensation is possible when a birth injury occurs. This compensation can help you to afford the medical care you or your child needs. It can also help to cover missed wages so you can take care of other bills that you need to pay.