When a doctor error is discovered, should the doctor apologize?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Medical Malpractice |

Most medical patients in Hawaii would agree that physicians should be forthright regarding their own mistakes and should definitely apologize to patients, especially those who become injured. Such might not be very likely, however, according to approximately 300 primary care doctors who participated in a national study that included questions about doctor error, medical malpractice and more. In fact, most doctors who answered the questions said they would probably try to obscure any errors and would most likely never apologize to their patients.

Reasons vary as to why that might be so. Some say doctors fear lawsuits. Others say many of them have enormous (fragile) egos that they’d rather protect than risk ruining their reputations. Many doctors apparently try to blame others when mistakes are undeniable in a misguided effort to escape responsibility.

A woman in another state suffered excruciating pain after surgery. It was later discovered that the surgeon had incorrectly placed a screw in her back, far from where he should have put it. The screw was reportedly dangerously close to her spinal column. When questioned about the mistake, the doctor supposedly claimed the screw had migrated to a different spot from where he installed it.

Many lives in Hawaii have been devastated (and some lost) due to doctor error and other medical negligence. A medical malpractice lawsuit is one means for seeking justice under such circumstances. An immediate family member may act on behalf of a deceased victim of medical injury. A first logical step to take to file a claim is to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney.