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January 2017 Archives

Where those injured in car accidents can seek support

Along with oceanic beauty and scenic highways, Hawaii is also home to many motor vehicle collisions every year. While some car accidents are very minor, others involve major impacts, serious vehicle damage and catastrophic injuries to one or more persons. Families suffering in the aftermaths of such accidents may reach out for support in any number of ways.

When a doctor error is discovered, should the doctor apologize?

Most medical patients in Hawaii would agree that physicians should be forthright regarding their own mistakes and should definitely apologize to patients, especially those who become injured. Such might not be very likely, however, according to approximately 300 primary care doctors who participated in a national study that included questions about doctor error, medical malpractice and more. In fact, most doctors who answered the questions said they would probably try to obscure any errors and would most likely never apologize to their patients.

Grieving family claims medical negligence caused girl's death

Many parents in Hawaii can relate to having loved ones who suffer from various types of headaches. Often, a severe headache prompts a visit to an urgent care facility or emergency room. For one young girl, it meant repeated visits over an extended period of time. Sadly, not only did those visits not lead to solutions for her problem, her family says medical negligence caused her unexpected, untimely death.

When defective products make good parents feel helpless

What Hawaii parents wouldn't be shocked and upset to find mold growing inside their infant's teething toy? This is exactly what happened to a mother in another state, who also happens to be a pediatric dentist. She now believes defective products remain on the market that could pose serious health risks to children and their families.

Report concludes surgical error could have killed patient

Medical treatment and surgeries obviously involve a certain amount of safety risk to the patient. Most doctors in Hawaii and elsewhere do their best to adhere to strict protocol that helps them keep patients as safe as possible. Most doctors, however, does not include all doctors, as made evident by a terrible surgical error that occurred in 2014.

Speed plus sharp curves often equal car accidents

Most motorists in Hawaii and throughout the nation understand that navigating sharp curves requires skill and caution behind the wheel. Those who speed often cause car accidents when their vehicles cross over the center lines of traffic while rounding bends. This appears to have been the case in a tragedy that occurred on a recent Friday evening in the South Kona region.

Medication mistakes often made by nurses in ICUs

Any medical patient who winds up in the intensive care unit in Hawaii may be at risk if medication of any type is needed. Data shows ICUs are places of high risk for nursing negligence with regard to mistakes being made with medications. Every year, preventable adverse drug events caused by medication errors are recorded in hospitals throughout the nation.

Reckless drivers often do these things

Many motorists in Hawaii have had the misfortune of sharing the road with unsafe drivers. From speeding to failing to stop at red lights, making unsafe lane changes and other dangerous maneuvers, reckless drivers are highway menaces who often cause serious motor vehicle collisions. All too many accident fatalities are later found to have been entirely preventable were it not for drivers acting wantonly behind their wheels.