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December 2016 Archives

Were you injured in a car accident during your Hawaiian vacation?

Hawaii is a dream vacation destination. The sun, the ocean and the captivating music and dance bring families from all over the world to the Aloha State. Unfortunately, getting injured in a car accident while in Honolulu can turn your holiday into a nightmare.

Schools say defective products failed to perform as promised

A supposed high quality artificial turf is the center of controversy as recent lawsuits have been filed against its manufacturers, saying it has failed to perform as advertised. Numerous school systems outside Hawaii have purported manufacturers knowingly sold them defective products. They also say those deemed liable refused to live up to their guarantees.

Hospital takes corrective action after shocking surgical error

One can only imagine the utter shock and devastation of having a perfectly healthy kidney surgically removed by mistake. Sadly, this is not the first horrific surgical error to take place in one of the nation's hospitals. Each year, thousands of people in Hawaii and other states are injured, become ill, or, in worst cases, suffer death when doctors and nurses make mistakes that were entirely preventable.

Hawaiian car accidents have cost many young people their lives

Any motor vehicle collision that results in a fatality is a tragic incident. Fatal car accidents involving young people are especially traumatic. A recent crash in Hawaii involved two vehicles and resulted in one death, as well as injuries to two others.

Overdose caused by medical error

There is definitely no shortage of bad news regarding people who die from illegal drug use. Not every overdose in Hawaii or elsewhere is caused by illegal drug use, however. In fact, all too many tragic deaths have been caused by medical mistakes that were entirely preventable.

Many holiday car accidents in Hawaii caused by road rage

During the holidays, many children in Hawaii and elsewhere are on the lookout for Santa Claus. Those driving motor vehicles in the state have another concern during this busy time of the year -- dangerous drivers acting with road rage. Car accidents increase during the holidays, and angry motorists are often the cause.

These distractions often lead to car accidents

Many motor vehicle collisions in Hawaii and elsewhere are later found to have been entirely preventable. Car accidents caused by distracted drivers have the potential to cause serious injuries or death. Learning that a loved one has died in this manner, and that the death would likely have been prevented if the driver deemed at fault had been focused on the road, may add anger and frustration to a grief-stricken situation.

Reckless drivers put pedestrians at risk

Every motorist in Hawaii is obligated to act with caution while driving, in accordance with a traffic and safety regulations. Reckless drivers are menaces to all who share the road, including pedestrians.  In fact, sometimes, simply trying to cross the street can become a life or death situation. A recent incident involved a family of four who were navigating their way across the street in a marked crosswalk.

Grieving parents file negligence lawsuit following son's death

Many parents in Hawaii understand what it's like to have a sick child. Some have also had the frustrating experience of taking children to a hospital for care only to be sent home without concrete answers as to what is causing their child's illness. For one set of parents in another state, this type of situation led to tragedy. They have since filed a lawsuit against all parties they believe guilty of negligence.

Parents blame failure to diagnose for their child's injuries

Entrusting one's child to medical professionals for care and treatment involves a certain amount of risk. However, parents in Hawaii and all other states can reasonably assume that doctors, nurses and other medical staff members will act according to the highest levels of accepted safety standards when rendering services. If a failure to diagnose or other negligence causes injury to one's child, a parent may seek justice by filing a medical malpractice claim in a civil court.