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November 2016 Archives

Woman says her injuries were caused by medical malpractice

In Hawaii and all other states, those who entrust their care to medical professionals have the right to reasonably assume that all treatment will be offered in accordance with the highest levels of accepted safety standards. Medical malpractice is problematic in many facilities across the nation. A woman in another state says she suffered serious injuries that could have been prevented if those caring for her at the time would have been more careful.

Addressing defective products issues during the holidays

In the coming weeks, many people in Hawaii and throughout the nation will be celebrating this year's holiday season. It is no secret that sales revenues increase when consumers begin shopping for Christmas gifts, special food items and other products associated with holiday fare. Typically a joyful and exciting time, it may be wrought with suffering for those who become injured by defective products.

Tailgating and car accidents often go hand in hand

As in many other tourist-attraction states in the nation, Hawaii roadways are often cluttered with traffic. Every motorist is obliged to act with focus and caution behind the wheel to maintain safety for all who share the roads. When drivers become distracted or tailgate the vehicles in front of them, the risks of car accidents occurring are significantly increased.

Some Hawaii car accidents investigated as homicides

The aftermaths of fatal automobile collisions in Hawaii often include negligent homicide investigations. When car accidents result in serious injuries or death to children, grief experienced by the loved ones of victims is often intensified. Whether police file charges against a driver believed responsible for an accident or not, immediate family members of a deceased victim may pursue justice by filing a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

Consumers say: Samsung washing machines defective products

Most Hawaii residents would not generally consider doing laundry a relatively high-risk activity for danger. However, there have apparently been severe injuries associated with use of Samsung top-loading washing machines. So many reports have been filed that Samsung has issued a major recall on the allegedly defective products.

Beware of distracted drivers -- they often cause car accidents

Not only are there more vehicles on the roads in Hawaii than there were a decade ago, travel speed has also increased. In order to maintain high levels of safety, motorists need to act with caution and diligence behind the wheel. Many car accidents are caused by drivers who fail to adhere to traffic regulations or have become distracted and taken their eyes off the road.

Parents of young boy say dentist committed medical malpractice

Part of being a good parent obviously involves helping children take proper care of their teeth. Typically, good oral hygiene includes visits to a dental office. Parents in Hawaii can reasonably assume that dentists examining their children's teeth or performing any type of dental procedure will do so according to the highest levels of safety standards available so that the likelihood of medical malpractice incidents occurring remains low.

Mistakes during this procedure can be deadly

Plastic surgeons in Hawaii and throughout the nation often perform elective surgeries meant to improve their patients' physical appearances in some way. One of the most popular forms of non-essential surgery these days has been associated with the deaths of at least seven women in another state, and many others throughout the nation, due to apparent mistakes. The situation captured the attention of an NBC news affiliate, which has launched an investigation into the incidents.

Causes of car accidents not always immediately apparent

A recent incident in Hawaii was initially reported as a two-car accident. New information has led investigators to seek a third vehicle in the situation. As in many other car accidents, the exact cause of this one was not immediately apparent; authorities now believe a key factor may lie with the driver of a third car.