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October 2016 Archives

A worsened medical condition is often caused by doctor negligence

Imagine going to the doctor for treatment of an illness or injury, only to wind up suffering further pain. Far too often, a worsened medical condition is the result of doctor negligence. In the most serious cases, deaths have occurred; in countless other situations in Hawaii and beyond, victims of medical injury have been left permanently disabled.

Generic drugs often listed in defective products claims

Thousands of people in Hawaii and throughout the nation are injured every year in situations where another party was negligent in some way. Where defective products are concerned, all those within the line of manufacturing, sales and distribution can be held liable for damages when evidence presented convinces the court that such liability exists. Various commercial drugs and medications are often listed in product liability claims. Recently, changes proposed by the FDA have raised concerns among generic drug manufacturers.

Motorists: beware of reckless drivers

Vast numbers of visitors travel throughout Hawaii on a daily basis. Many others live on the beautiful islands, full time. As in all other states, certain situations may place both visitors and residents at risk for injuries. One of the most common types of dangerous situations involves reckless drivers.

Medical malpractice claim in another state filed from prison

When a person in Hawaii or another state is incarcerated, that person is still protected by law against unlawful personal injury. For instance, if an inmate needs medical care and is denied assistance, or some other negligence on the part of officials causes medical injury, then that inmate has a right to pursue justice in the matter. A man in another state filed a medical malpractice claim after officials allegedly failed to allow him to get treatments prescribed by his doctor.

Car accidents often impede people's future plans

Hawaii is comprised of beautiful islands, and both tourists and residents take in the scenery while travelling on bikes, in cars or on foot. When car accidents occur, they can result in serious injuries to the victims. The injuries can also ruin future life plans if they prevent the victims from moving forward toward their goals. In such situations, the desire for justice is often strong.

Whether to address the matter of swimming pool accidents in court

Many people in Hawaii and elsewhere enjoying visiting friends who have swimming pools. Hours of leisure and recreation are often shared around backyard pools, as well as those found at community locations or commercial hotels and resorts. However, when things go wrong and swimming pool accidents occur due to owner negligence, those adversely affected may wonder where to turn for help in pursuing justice against those deemed liable.

Recent incident proof that dog bites may lead to charges

A property owner in Hawaii or any other state is obligated to make every reasonable effort to keep visitors to the property safe. When dog bites or other injuries occur on site, an owner may be held accountable for premises liability, if the situation warrants it. Such incidents often lead to charges being filed against property owners, as was the case following a recent incident in another state where a man was bitten by a dog in another man's yard.

Medical malpractice may have been cause of multiple deaths

In Hawaii and elsewhere, entrusting oneself to the care of medical professionals always involves a certain amount of risk. However, medical malpractice issues appear to be quite problematic in many hospitals throughout the nation, including one hospital where nine children died after undergoing heart surgeries. Investigators say the hospital failed to act appropriately in the situation.