Jury finds in favor of medical malpractice plaintiff

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

Courtrooms in Hawaii and elsewhere across the nation are often filled with people who filed personal injury claims against doctors and hospitals who failed in their duties to provide reasonably safe and acceptable care. One woman’s recent medical malpractice case was successfully litigated after she alleged that hospital advertising led to her serious injury. The situation involved natural childbirth.

The woman, the daughter of a doctor, reportedly saw advertisements for natural childbirth that inspired her to request this form of birthing when it came time to deliver her baby. She had already given birth several other times at the facility but had never known about the natural childbirth program until she saw the television ads. Since the woman’s natural child-birthing experience, she has suffered from a debilitating condition categorized by severe pain the her pelvic region.

The woman claimed she was restrained and forced to lie on her back during labor and delivery of her child. She also alleged that someone applied pressured to the baby’s head so that delivery would be delayed. The woman is said to have suffered nerve damage that led to her diagnosed condition, which causes her significant physical pain and emotional trauma.

In the medical malpractice lawsuit the woman filed against the hospital, she asserted that had she never seen the natural childbirth advertisements, she would not have requested that form of birth and would possibly have avoided her injuries. Total compensation awarded to her by the jury was $16 million. A hospital spokeswoman announced that the medical center disagrees with the jury’s decision. Anyone in Hawaii facing similar issues may want to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney.

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