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July 2016 Archives

Hospital faces 6 counts of negligence in claim

Emergency rooms in Hawaii are often filled with patients seeking treatment for various injuries and illnesses. Many times, staff members are able to quickly assess a situation and provide appropriate treatment and care that help patients achieve speedy recoveries. If hospital workers are negligent, however, things may not go so well; in fact, many patients have died due medical negligence in emergency rooms throughout the nation.

Potential product devaluation regarding defective products

A situation has developed that many automobile owners in Hawaii may want to follow. A federal court has been asked to determine whether people who own products under a brand name whose manufacturer has been found negligent for other defective products may seek damages for the potential devaluation of their own products due to a tarnished brand name. Reportedly, the court determined that product owners are not entitled to pursue such compensation.

Suspected reckless drivers may have caused crash in Hawaii

Both alcohol and speed are thought to have been causal factors in a recent Hawaii collision that resulted in one fatality and injuries to several others. One person now faces criminal charges following the collision. State law allows those who suffer injury due to reckless drivers to seek accountability against anyone deemed responsible by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

Apparently, doctors not always forthright about mistakes

Whether in Hawaii or another state, it is understandably upsetting when a medical patient suffers due to doctor negligence. In worst cases, a doctor's mistakes may result in the death of a negligence victim. However, situations less grave may still lead to severe injuries that have long-lasting negative impacts on the lives of injured patients and their families. Recent data suggests that some doctors have failed to disclose appropriate information regarding medical errors.

Hawaii car accidents often lead to thorough investigations

The exact cause of a motor vehicle accident in Hawaii is not always immediately apparent. Many car accidents lead to extensive investigations in order to determine who may be at fault and whether any extenuating circumstances existed at the time a collision occurred. A recent incident involved two vehicles; sadly, the accident resulted in a single fatality.

Hospital sued for medical malpractice regarding amputation

When an injured car accident victim is taken to a hospital in Hawaii for treatment, it is sometimes determined that emergency surgery is necessary. Such seems to have been the case for a man in another state who was apparently hit by a car on his way home from work in September 2015. The man's leg was injured and doctors at the hospital determined he needed urgent vascular surgery. The events that followed led to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Hawaii accidents often result in pain and suffering

When a truck driver is negligent behind the wheel, the result is often devastating. Accidents in Hawaii caused by negligent truck operators may cause pain and suffering to innocent victims. In worst cases, families may suffer the untimely death of a loved one because a trucker was distracted or acted carelessly on the road.

Defective products can sometimes be traced to harmful ingredients

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, consumers must always be on alert for potentially harmful ingredients in the products they use. Defective products often involve ingredients that have been misrepresented by manufacturers. For example, a woman in another state is seeking certification for a class-action lawsuit pertaining to wing sauce that she says was misrepresented as an all natural product.