Medical negligence may have caused woman to lose her kidney

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In Hawaii and elsewhere throughout the nation, substandard medical care remains problematic, often resulting in lawsuits filed after patients suffer injury or illness due to inadequate treatment. Medical negligence has been known to lead to serious injuries, and, in worst cases, even death. Those who survive their injuries are able to seek recourse through the legal system by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

A recent lawsuit was filed by a woman who is an inmate at a correctional facility in another state. She was being held at a county jail in 2013 when she began to suffer severe abdominal pain. At that time, x-rays were performed that apparently showed a kidney stone on her left kidney.

Some time later, the woman was transferred to another facility, at which time she is said to have suffered from fever, blood in her urine and continued pain. The woman claims that although she repeatedly requested further treatment, staff members ignored her pleas, offering pain medication only. In 2014, the woman underwent removal of her left kidney after further examination revealed a serious infection.

Those who believe they have suffered from similar medical negligence in Hawaii can take legal action against the party or parties deemed responsible by contacting a personal injury lawyer to guide them through the process of filing a claim in court. Patients who have suffered from lack of appropriate treatment often endure unexpected financial strain due to ongoing medical bills they were not prepared to pay. A successfully litigated claim can include compensation that can be used to help meet those costs.

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