Defective products in Hawaii may be among toys

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Product Liability |

At this time of year, children throughout the United States typically enjoy playing with new toys received as gifts. Each year, various toys are among the most popular trend items included as stocking stuffers or gifts under a Christmas tree. Hawaii parents should take note that some of those toys may, in fact, be defective products that could cause injury to their children.

Consumers may not be aware of potential hazards associated with toys they purchase for their children. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates certain products and may request that injuries connected with such items be reported. Such is the case with laser products, many of which have apparently been advertised as toys.

The FDA has requested that all injuries associated with laser products be reported to the agency. The request includes both medical and non-medical lasers. The agency has also asked that any item causing an injury that was advertised as a toy for those under age 14 be recorded. Lasers can cause fire and use of them may result in burn injuries. They can also cause eye injuries.

Hawaii parents whose children have been injured by defective products may seek recourse through the legal process by filing personal injury claims in civil court. Whether an injury was caused by a laser or some other toy, a parent may act on behalf of a child to seek compensation for damages. Any manufacturer or sales agent who knowingly makes a defective product available for purchase can be held liable when a person using the product becomes injured.

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