Hawaii smokers will want to beware of possibly defective products

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Product Liability |

In Hawaii and throughout the United States, cigarette smokers implement all sorts of practices, use devices or enter programs to help kick the habit. Some gadgets, currently popular in the marketplace, have been alleged to be defective products that might be placing users in harm’s way. One man who used one of the devices reportedly suffered injuries, even after following the manufacturer’s instructions for use, written on the package.

The item in question is a type of e-cigarette. This is an electronic smoking device, designed to simulate the experience of smoking, without the use of tobacco. Nicotine-based liquid is typically inhaled through a battery-charged, personal vaporizer.

A man who recently purchased an e-cigarette, and claims to have properly followed all written guidelines included with the device, says that an accident occurred while using the product that caused him to suffer injury. Apparently, the item spontaneously exploded in the man’s hand, causing him to suffer burns and damaging walls nearby. The man claims that the device split in two when it erupted and sprayed fragments and debris throughout the room.

Consumer advocates have expressed their concern with regard to multiple stories similar to the above-mentioned incident. Some say they believe e-cigarettes to be defective products with a tendency to explode and harm consumers. If a Hawaii resident is injured through normal usage of a purchased product that he or she believes to be defective, it is possible to file a legal claim in a civil court to litigate the issue. In such circumstances, one might choose to seek consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer before proceeding to court.

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