$9.1 million verdict announced in medical malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

A $9.1 million compensatory award was issued to a man in a recent case outside Hawaii. The medical malpractice verdict is reportedly one of the largest in the state’s recent history. The claim was filed by a 51-year-old man who suffered complications during surgery that his attorneys say were due to negligence on the part of the attending anesthesiologist.

The man had reportedly gone to the hospital while suffering symptoms similar to those commonly experienced from the flu. It was determined that the man was dehydrated, and medical staff members administered fluids to begin treatment. Doctors also found that the man was suffering from a condition that warranted surgery.

Reportedly, the patient was given anesthesia an hour before surgery. It was claimed that the anesthesiologist committed a grave error when he ceased to continue the man’s dehydration treatment at the same time. Consequently, the man’s blood pressure dropped, and he suffered inadequate blood flow to his spinal cord. Sadly, the patient lost the use of both legs.

It was reported that the man plans to use the compensation awarded in his settlement to resume physical therapy and to buy a much needed wheel chair. In similar circumstances in Hawaii, when a person believes that medical malpractice is the cause of his or her injuries, the individual has the right to file a legal claim in a civil court. As in the reported case,  any monies awarded by the court in a successfully litigated case could be used to help offset the costs associated with a patient’s ongoing medical care and recovery.

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