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October 2015 Archives

Hawaii smokers will want to beware of possibly defective products

In Hawaii and throughout the United States, cigarette smokers implement all sorts of practices, use devices or enter programs to help kick the habit. Some gadgets, currently popular in the marketplace, have been alleged to be defective products that might be placing users in harm's way. One man who used one of the devices reportedly suffered injuries, even after following the manufacturer's instructions for use, written on the package.

Jury awards more than $10 million in medical malpractice case

Some in Hawaii may have heard about an incident that occurred outside the state that reportedly resulted in a man suffering a severe brain injury. A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed, and a jury recently awarded $12.2 million for damages to the patient. Any person who plans to undergo surgery has the right to reasonably assume that medical professionals will take every and all precautions to ensure his or her safety. Negligent acts on the part of medical staff members can have devastating results.

$9.1 million verdict announced in medical malpractice lawsuit

A $9.1 million compensatory award was issued to a man in a recent case outside Hawaii. The medical malpractice verdict is reportedly one of the largest in the state's recent history. The claim was filed by a 51-year-old man who suffered complications during surgery that his attorneys say were due to negligence on the part of the attending anesthesiologist.

Hawaiian car accidents that involve children often tragic

Most parking lots in Hawaii are busy places, with all types of motor vehicles and pedestrians coming and going at the same time. Parents typically do their best to keep their children safe when navigating these areas. Still, car accidents sometimes occur, and they can be especially tragic when an innocent child is injured or killed as a result.

Potential defective products among Hawaii cell phones

Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States, including many in Hawaii, use cell phones as main sources of communication on a daily basis. A recent case has developed regarding potential defective products that some who use a particular phone model have noted. The cell phone in question is said to malfunction when those using the phones activate a fingerprint sensor on the device.

Hawaiian car accidents sometimes lead to homicide investigations

Two vehicles were involved in a collision on a Saturday in Hawaii. Sadly, one life was lost in the aftermath of the crash. Following many car accidents, such as this one, an official investigation ensues. Police have advised anyone who might have details pertinent to the recent case to call the phone number they have provided to the public.

Grieving woman files lawsuit, accuses nursing home of negligence

In a state outside Hawaii, a woman, who is the administrator of a deceased man's estate, has filed a lawsuit stating that the nursing home where her elderly relative had resided is to blame for his death. The legal claim asserts that the man suffered from several serious health conditions prior to his death. Also, according to the claim, negligence on the part of nursing home staff led to his health complications and, ultimately, his death.

Reckless drivers pose danger to Hawaii pedestrians

A tragedy occurred in Hawaii on a recent Wednesday that resulted in the loss of one life. It is a known fact that reckless drivers pose a grave hazard to other motorists, as well as to pedestrians. Such might have been the case in the recent incident where excessive motor vehicle speed is suspected to have been a leading factor.

Laborers claim Monsanto's defective products caused their cancer

In Hawaii and throughout the United States, if a person is injured or becomes ill through normal use of a purchased product that is determined to be defective in some way, he or she is able to file a legal claim in a civil court against any party or parties deemed negligent in the matter. In a recent case, two former agricultural laborers have brought lawsuits against the Monsanto corporation. Both legal claims state that it was the defective products of Monsanto, which the former employees were required to use on a regular basis at work, that caused their cancer.

Pedestrians are sometimes involved in Hawaii car accidents

One does not typically expect to be involved in an automobile collision when traveling on foot. However, some car accidents in Hawaii do involve pedestrians, and injuries often result in these types of crashes. In a recent accident of this nature, critical injuries were suffered by a woman who was walking on the road.