2 car accidents within moments of each other in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Hawaii roadways were the sites of two separate motor vehicle crashes that took place just a few miles apart from one another. Both car accidents are believed to have been caused by the same driver. The result of the collisions was the loss of one life and serious injuries to another.

Reports indicate that a 65-year-old male was behind the wheel of a sports utility vehicle when it allegedly struck a pickup truck. It was noted that both vehicles pulled off the road in the aftermath of the minor collision. The driver who seemed to be responsible for the crash took off from the scene.

Witnesses claim that the man had been driving approximately 70 mph in a zone posted at 35 mph A few miles down the road, the same vehicle reportedly crashed into a parked construction vehicle. A crew member was sitting in the back of the truck with his legs hanging over the flatbed. When the vehicle hit the work truck, the worker’s legs suffered serious injuries.

The driver of the vehicle that is said to have hit the work truck did not survive the accident. However, in situations like this, when Hawaii motorists at-fault in car accidents die as a result of the collisions, other injured persons may file a legal claim against their estates. Depending upon the severity of a victim’s injuries, ongoing medical treatment or physical therapy can lead to unexpected financial stress that might be somewhat alleviated through a compensatory award offered by the court in a successfully litigated case.

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