Tragic accident proves the danger of reckless drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A tragic accident on the island of Maui emphasizes what can happen when one motorist endangers everyone else on the road. This recent accident left one pedestrian injured and another person dead. Reckless drivers are frequently responsible for fatal accidents that cause serious damage. 

This particular driver pleaded guilty to drunk driving in Hawaii and was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison. The man apparently has a history of drunk driving convictions but wanted to enter a plea of insanity. The judge found that the man demonstrated a pattern of behavior that endangers other people.

A criminal conviction means that this man will no longer be driving on the roads in Hawaii and endangering other drivers and pedestrians. The family of the deceased victim and the injured party may consider additional legal action in the form of civil claims for financial relief. The details of the accident, together with the criminal conviction, suggest that the driver may be held liable for damages sustained by the innocent victims. A successfully navigated personal injury or wrongful death claim can provide restitution for the expenses and other damages related to the accident. 

Victims of reckless drivers may assume that they have no grounds for a case because the liable party is in prison. However, a criminal proceeding is entirely separate from a civil lawsuit. A legal professional knowledgeable in personal injury law can evaluate the individual details of a case and determine if a victim or family has grounds to proceed with a lawsuit. When a criminal conviction has already been secured, proof of it may be offered as evidence of liability in a related civil lawsuit.

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