Consumers can be advised of recalls of defective products

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Most people love buying presents for babies and toddlers. What is not known is how many people who buy gifts take the time to check the item for injury hazards, or investigate to determine whether it may be a recalled item. Thousands of defective products are recalled every year, but the recalls often occur after injuries have already reported. 

Consultants in Hawaii and elsewhere specialize in providing expectant parents and new parents with safety information concerning products designed for children. One such consultant noted that baby strollers with sliding hinges have posed a problem and have been the subject of product recalls. The hinges posed severe finger injury hazards. Manufacturers are now required to make strollers with hinges that are more rounded and less dangerous.

Typically, consumers receive a recall registration card with every item they buy. The card can be filled out and returned to the manufacturer, who will contact all registered consumers in the event of that product being recalled. Information related to replacements or repair is usually supplied by the manufacturer. Apart from submitting the registration card, parents generally inspect each product for safety issues as well.

In the event of Hawaii children suffering personal injuries caused by dangerous or defective products, their parents may be entitled to pursue recovery of damages incurred. A parent retains the right to file a product liability claim on behalf of a child in a civil court. The manufacturer, retailer and other members of the supply chain of that product may be named as defendants. Successful presentation may result in a monetary judgment to cover medical costs, along with other financial losses as deemed appropriate by applicable state laws.

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