Avon recalls defective products that may cause eye injury

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Product Liability |

If you’re putting on eye makeup, then you likely have other things on your mind besides whether or not the cosmetic tool you’re using is dangerous. However, defective products come in all shapes and sizes. With that in mind, consumers in Hawaii who use Avon products might be interested in a recall recently announced for one of the company’s eyelash curlers.

A recent announcement from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission underscores the fact that defects in seemingly harmless consumer products can still result in life-altering injuries. In this case, the recall announcement covered Avon’s Ergonomic Eyelash Curler.

About 478,000 of the curlers were sold in the United States from January 2007 through April 2014. The CPSC has received 24 reports of the product breaking. Of those, 13 involved injuries, three of which required medical care.

The CPSC warns that if these eyelash curlers break, a metal pin is exposed and can injure the user’s eye.

Consumers who purchased the product, which was sold for $5 online or through independent Avon sales representatives, are advised to stop using the curler immediately. The product can be returned to Avon in exchange for mascara or a refund.

Often injuries caused by defective products leave victims uncertain of where to turn. There may be medical bills and ongoing treatment for an injury, and these costs can mount and become overwhelming. Even when a small product such as a defective eyelash curler injures a consumer, that person’s quality of life can be seriously affected. If you have experienced such an ordeal, then a personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and explain your options.

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