Survey finds texters should pay more for insurance than speeders

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2013 | Car Accidents | recently released findings from a survey of over 1,000 drivers. The survey, conducted in March of 2013, asked 14 multple-choice questions on topics ranging from the impact of speeding and texting on the cost of insurance to what types of distractions should lead to higher insurance premiums.

According to the survey, over 72 percent of responders believe those who are issued a ticket for texting should receive a higher insurance premium hike than those who are caught speeding. Although the insurance company is taking these results into consideration, no changes are expected to occur in the near future.

The survey also found insurers would hold teenagers more accountable than more experienced drivers, with 62.9 percent asking that a monitoring device be installed in a teenager’s vehicle. Those partaking in the survey likely hope the device would decrease the risk of car accidents.

Technological advances have resulted in the development of a device that can monitor more than just the location of a teen’s vehicle. The devices now available can detect when the car is driven, how fast it was going, whether the brakes were pressed in an emergent manner and even take video of the driver and passenger’s activities. Currently, these dash cams are available to allow parents to monitor their children’s activities. No discounts are associated with their use.

Instead, car insurance rates are determined by examining driver’s histories and their place of residence. Drivers who live in areas with higher claim rates pay more for insurance than those that live in safer areas. Although some states review credit history when putting together a car insurance quote, Hawaii does not.

Source: MSN Money, “Survey: Put the hammer to texters,” Smart Spending Editor, May 13, 2013