Burn injury risk causes dehumidifiers to be recalled — again

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When a product is identified as dangerous, a recall may be ordered to alert consumers and make sure it is no longer sold by retailers. However, even these orders may not be enough to prevent injuries. Readers in Honolulu may be interested to know that a dehumidifier was recently recalled for a second time, largely because injury reports were still being submitted.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that the retailer Sears has recently received a number of complaints about the defective product, even though it was already recalled. According to the complaints, the Kenmore dehumidifier is known to erupt into flames. In fact, one person sustained severe burns on their foot because of this product.

The Associated Press says almost 800,000 of the dehumidifiers were sold, and many of them may still be in use. Consumers safety officials hope that the second recall will be more effective than the first, because the dangers still exist.

Dehumidifiers are used to provide a safer and more comfortable living environment for homeowners, since the appliance removes moisture from the air that can promote harmful mold growth. In this case, however, many well-meaning Hawaii residents could be trading one serious health risk for another by having dangerous dehumidifiers in their homes.

If a person is injured or dies as the result of a defective product, he or she may be able to pursue compensation from the manufacturer. When a product is put on the market, there’s an expectation that the manufacturer has taken necessary steps to ensure that it’s safe. Failing to meet this duty can create pain and hardship for families throughout the country.

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