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Not everyone who is injured in an accident is entitled to damages. Many factors must be considered in determining whether you have a viable personal injury lawsuit. This requires the evaluation of skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers.

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Honolulu Personal Injury Damages Attorneys

Personal injury lawsuits are filed as a result of negligent or careless behavior that has caused injury or other damages to another person. Injuries and damages can also result from defective products and unfair or deceptive business and insurance practices. The ultimate goal of the personal injury process is to determine who is responsible for the injuries and make sure that the responsible party or parties compensate the injured victim for the damages suffered.

Did An Accident Cause Your Personal Injuries?

Causation is a crucial part of any personal injury case. Credible evidence must be offered to demonstrate that a defendant caused an accident and that the accident caused your injuries and damages.

In most personal injury cases, causation can be established based on the violation of a safety rule or standard. For example, in situations where a driver fails to stop for a red light, that is often enough to demonstrate that he or she caused the accident. In other situations, legal responsibility depends on whether someone’s unreasonable behavior was a “substantial factor” in causing harm to another.

Insurance companies often try to reduce or eliminate your claim for compensation from a negligent or reckless party by claiming that you were responsible for causing or contributing to your injury. This is called contributory or comparative negligence, which means that a personal injury victim’s behavior led to or had a part in contributing to his or her injuries. It may sometimes be difficult to determine if an accident caused an injury or if an injury already existed before the accident. This is called “pre-existing” injuries. Our zealous, results-oriented personal injury attorneys will thoroughly analyze the facts and circumstances leading to your injuries to determine whether your personal injury case has the potential to result in compensation.

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