Practice Areas


Past results do not predict future results and each case is evaluated on its own merits.

ConfidentialXerox worker shot in workplace mass murder
ConfidentialChild killed when boat hits whale
ConfidentialFinancial services executive
ConfidentialInsurance industry executive
$1 billionState tobacco litigation (consortium of Hawaii and mainland law firms)
$67 millionDefective asbestos building material
$63 millionRepair and replacement of asbestos building material in state buildings
$27.7 millionChevron gasoline tank fire kills two workers
$20 millionUnsafe agricultural chemical
$20 millionChemical contamination of drinking water
$16.5 millionChildbirth malpractice
$13 millionParalysis in rear-end collision
$13 millionDefective automobile design
$13 millionConstruction site fire burns workers
$13 millionParalysis in head-on collision
$12 millionDefective agricultural chemical
$8 millionChildbirth malpractice
$8 millionHospital error resulting in brain damage
$7 millionParalysis when hit by a truck
$6.5 millionHighway construction accident
$6 millionHead injury in truck accident
$5.5 millionMilitary hospital malpractice
$4.8 millionDefective diet supplement
$4.8 millionPrescription pill complication
$4.3 millionEmergency room malpractice
$4.3 millionDefective prescription medicine
$4 millionImproper spinal injury treatment
$3.5 millionTourist hit by delivery truck
$3.5 millionFamily rear-ended by truck
$3.5 millionPrivate airplane crash
$3.4 millionHotel defect accident
$3-$4 millionUniversity president (settlement depends on future benefit payments)
$3 millionSingapore tramway accident
$3 millionDefective military ordnance
$3 millionHelicopter crash in South China Sea
$3 millionExecutive killed on business trip
$3 millionHelicopter hit by missile
$3 millionFailure to properly diagnose condition
$3 millionScenic tramway accident
$2.8 millionHelicopter crash
$2.7 millionDefective automobile design
$2.5 millionAnesthesia malpractice
$2.5 millionBicycle accident with roadway defect
$2.5 millionBicycle collision with defective trailer
$2.3 millionDangerous medical vaccine
$2.1 millionPlane crashes into hotel
$2 millionSaipan airplane crash
$2 millionDefective industrial equipment
$2 millionOil facility fire
$2 millionForklift accident on docks
$2 millionIndustrial plant equipment accident
$2 millionSurgical malpractice
$2 millionManila hotel fire
$2 millionPedestrian hit in crosswalk
$2 millionTourist hit by semi -truck
$2 millionCollision of two trucks
$2 millionAccident caused by racer
$2 millionSeaplane crash
$1.8 millionLongshore worker accident
$1.8 millionElectrical malfunction
$1.7 millionDecompression chamber incident
$1.5 millionMassachusetts car accident
$1.4 millionScuba accident
$1.4 millionJapanese citizen hit by crashing plane
$1.3 millionHelicopter crash
$1.3 millionHelicopter mechanical failure
$1.3 millionDefective construction equipment
$1.3 millionSports equipment malfunction
$1.2 millionPolice helicopter crash
$1.2 millionDefective sports equipment
$1.1 millionNorthern Marianas LPG gas fire
$1.1 millionDefective vaccine
$1 millionSwine flu shot complication
$1 millionDefective fireworks
$1 millionCatamaran accident
$1 millionFireworks malfunction
$1 millionHot water heater accident
$850,000Scuba diving accident
$800,000Scuba lesson accident