Settlement v. Trial

Honolulu Mediation Attorneys

When you have been injured in a car or truck accident caused by a negligent driver, it is important to consider the individual advantages and disadvantages of settling your case in a negotiated settlement or mediation versus those of adjudication in arbitration or litigation.

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Maui Arbitration Lawyers

Generally, the choice between settling disputes and going to trial in a personal injury context depends on your individual goals for compensation, the likelihood of achieving these goals through mediation, arbitration and litigation, and other personal circumstances.

Our personal injury lawyers have years of trial experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation. In addition to this extensive experience, our vast resources and knowledgeable staff give us the flexibility to prepare for a full trial in each case. This approach provides a strategic advantage to our clients, as the skill and patience necessary to build a solid case built on the unique evidence and circumstances will only improve the chances of settling for full and fair compensation.

In addition to excellent navigation through the settlement or trial process, our paralegals are former insurance adjusters, offering skillful guidance through the often complicated insurance process.

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